Contact Lenses: A Cruel Joke for Near-sighted People

I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade. I have no idea how it took anyone figure out I couldn’t see…at all. Picture an 8 year old version of me running into walls while my mom laughs at how cute and funny I am.  I have always been the kind of near sighted that makes optical employees say “Wow!” when they’re filling my prescription. In 7th grade, I became too cool for my glasses. Enter the contact lens. Although I felt super hip without my clunky plastic glasses, the novelty wore off in 3 months, tops.

Decades later, you'd think I'd be a contact expert. I am not. Contacts are flimsy, invisible, and surprisingly easy to put in the wrong way.

This morning I removed a contact from the case, brought it up centimeters from my eye to “see” if it was facing the right direction. Only instead of getting a closer look, it slips from my finger and it falls to the floor. This happens more than I care to admit.

The result? A frantic, race-against-the-clock search that no one deserves moments after they wake up. I drop to the floor like a trained soldier to find this tiny, invisible thing. Remember, I’m crazy nearsighted so my nose has to be basically touching the ground to find anything. Also remember, I have three kids who at this point, all need something different from me. Their diaper change, breakfast, and butt wipe must wait and my crazed search must go on before my contact dries up and is useless.

Today I was lucky. After 3 minutes of gently swiping my hand across the floor (think brail but not as cool), I found it. Victory!

Until… I realized it was ripped. And I had to open a new lens packet and start again.

I hope my kids don’t inherit my vision. I try to stack the cards in their favor by feeding them eye healthy foods like green leafy vegetables, citrus, almonds, and berries.

blueberry syrupMy kids eat pretty well but they’re kids, and sometimes, they only eat what they want to eat. So, for insurance I sneak in concentrated sources of whole foods, like this Blueberry Syrup by Wise Woman Herbals . It’s like hundreds of blue berries and all their healthy goodness jammed into a bottle. Instead of waiting for blueberries to be in season and paying $5 per tiny pint, I always have this on hand.

And bonus – kids love it because it’s delicious. Straight off the spoon, spread on bread, or mixed into smoothie or yogurt – it all works.