Top Five Toys for Three Year Olds

My three year old is super independent. But if left up to his own devices he is guaranteed to either destroy something, make a serious mess, or get into trouble. I always have to make sure I have at least one eye on him, which isn't always easy with more than one child, homeschooling, household chores, running a business, or even going to the bathroom. I owe my sanity to a handful of toys that allow curious, busy bodies like him to have fun and work independently for kind of a long time. No screens needed.

If you want to keep your little one creatively occupied you have to check these out:

waterwowMelissa & Doug Water Wow Coloring Book – Painting without any mess? A win-win for all. You just fill up the little brush with water and when they paint on the pages cute things magically appear. When it dries, the pictures disappear so they can do this as many times as they like.



tapeAlex Learning Tape All Day – My kids are obsessed with tape. This fun-colored paper tape rules because it’s easy to tear off for little fingers and makes it easy to turn into endless creations either on or off of paper.



doadotDo-A-Dot Marker – These markers turn ho-hum coloring into something brand new and exciting. They’re so easy for my little guy to use and bonus, he can’t break them in half like he does with crayons.



magformersMagformers – These are so much fun. I can’t help playing with them when I see them out. Everyone I know absolutely loves these. Worth.Every.Penny.




playdohHomemade Play-doh If you haven’t jumped on the make-your-own-play-doh bandwagon yet, you’ve got to. It literally takes less than 10 minutes to make and you can make it any fun color or smell you want. We made cookie play-doh with cinnamon and vanilla a few days ago. My little guy pretended he was baking cookies for an hour. The best part – it lasts for weeks! Never buy store bought play-doh again.