Teaching Your Kids (And Maybe Yourself) to Say Sorry

SorrySincere apologies are the unsung hero of communication. There’s nothing else that comes close to wiping the slate clean or getting a do-over. A genuine apology makes everyone feel better and generally clears up the muck that can stick around for days (or years) without one. No burning bridges necessary. The thing is, unless we’re taught how, it’s not something we know how to do.

I didn’t learn how to sincerely apologize to someone until I was an adult. It’s important to me to teach my kids such a valuable skill but I wasn’t really sure how to best go about it other than the “say sorry and hug each other” approach.

This article from Cuppacocoa is so great because it clearly and simply outlines how to teach your kids to effectively apologize in four short steps. I’ve already used it with my boys and it really worked out well.

Let me know what you think.