Do Your Give Your Kids Supplements?

I get asked this a lot. People love to argue about supplements, overdo supplements, and obsess about supplements. But, it's really not that complicated, especially if you're just trying to support your generally healthy children. So, my short answer is yes. And here's why.

Even if you're pretty conscious about what you feed your kids, junk can easily slip in and take the place of nutrient-dense meals. Eating out, parties, treat-happy grandparents, or sugar-emphasized holidays always come up despite your best efforts. So, why not cover the basics with high quality products?

The four products I've listed are what my kids take daily. They love taking their supplements because they're delicious. I love it because their health is being supported on top of their already nutritious diet, active lifestyle, and boatloads of love.  It's a win for everyone involved.


  1. Nordic Berries (Multivitamin) – Are your kids getting every vitamin and mineral they need in their diet? Maybe. But why not support their growing systems with a good multi. I love these because they cover the basics, taste great, and unlike “The #1 Pediatric Recommended” Flintstones Vitamin they don’t contain artificial colors, dyes, aspartame, or gluten.
  2. Barleans Total Omega Swirl (Essential Fatty Acids) – Say goodbye to the gross oily lemon flavored fish oils to reap the benefits of EFA’s. These Omega Swirls are fruity and creamy. The company claims (and references a pilot study) that their emulsification of this products means it’s better digested and absorbed by the body than regular fish oil. And…no sugar. The sweetness comes from xylitol.
  3. Klaire Labs Vital 10 Powder (Probiotics)I’m a fan of probiotics because the benefits of a healthy digestive system are endless. Other cultures maintain a balance of good bacteria in their gut by consuming fermented foods. When is the last time your kids ate sour kraut, kimchi, or beet kvass? Oh they eat Activia? Sorry, that’s more of a marketing ploy than anything else. Klaire labs is king when it comes to probiotics and I like this product because they formulated it to mimic what’s naturally in the GI tract. This powder is easily mixable in almost anything but ours is often put in a morning smoothie.
  4. Vital-Zymes (Digestive Enzymes)You aren’t just what you eat. You’re what you eat and digest. And these days, more and more people aren’t digesting well. My pediatrician turned me onto these when my son’s skin and scalp were chronically dry and itchy despite a really good diet. Within a few weeks, giving him these normalized his skin. Now our entire family takes them for optimal digestion.

If you have any additional questions about supplements, just leave a comment below.