How To Get Organic Spices for Over Half Off

garlic powderWhen I first got married, the only two things I knew how to cook were protein shakes and salads. I know, they don't even count. I've come a long way. The number one secret to delicious meals is good ingredients, especially spices...and lots of them. But, at $5 a pop for a tiny 3.5 oz bottle, this isn't easy. I found myself always running out of the spices I needed and having to tack on costs to every grocery bill.

When I found out I could find fresher, higher quality, more potent spices, in bigger amounts, for over half the price, I was beyond thrilled.

Mountain Rose Herbs offers more spices than you could ever want. They have spices I've never even heard of. They instantly make any dish restaurant quality.

April 2014 095This is a 1 lb bag of garlic powder (it's only half way full here because we've had it for a while). It's only $10..for 16 oz! That's only .63 an ounce. Compared to a typical spice bottle, which is about $1.37 an ounce, this is a steal!

I also love that near each spice they have a "learn more" section where you can read about the medicinal qualities of that particular herb.

And they have this cool mix & match deal where you can receive serious discounts  without having to purchase multiple pounds of the same herbs. For example, if I order 5 different 1 lb bags of the herbs I use most (garlic, onion, sea salt, black pepper, and cumin), I get an additional 10% off of my order. Sweet!

Spices from Mountain Rose Herbs are too great not to share. Warning: They have one of those drool worthy websites and you may end up wanting to buy everything :)