$3 Incredibly Fun DIY Slip & Slide

May 2014 408 May 2014 375I saw this blog post today and couldn’t wait to make our own water slide. It was so easy and fun! Our whole family was cracking up and had a blast for hours. No expensive trips to the amusement park needed. Here’s how we did it.

  1. Fold painter’s plastic like this in half and drape it over a hill in your yard. We picked ours up at Home Depot.
  2. Secure it at the top (we used heavy rocks on each side)
  3. Drizzle dish detergent over the plastic. You’ll need to re-apply this every once in a while to keep the slippery-ness going
  4. Keep a light mist flowing over the slide (either by holding it or securing in some way).

That’s it. No instruction for the kids needed. They experimented with running starts that originated anywhere from a few feet away up to the length of our yard, getting serious exercise and having an absolute blast.

May 2014 458 May 2014 456

Great addition to the backyard for summer water fun!

May 2014 446

Next I'm going to try to make this water blob. I'll let you know how it goes.