My DYIng DIY Water Blob

water blobBe ye not as jump-the-gun-ish as I after seeing the water blob craze on the internet. Don’t get me wrong. It was kind of cool. But, not that cool.

I followed this awesome blog for my instructions/inspiration. I picked up a 4 mm thick sheet of plastic for about 12 bucks. It was crazy big. Being new to the well-water scene, we feared the well running dry (can that happen?) So, we cut it in half. It was still plenty big.

Me (ok, ok my husband), an iron, an extension cord, parchment paper, and a towel made this happen on my patio in about 30 minutes. After filling, we even ironed the last little section rather than duct taping for extra seal-factor.

I cut up a few sponges into (semi-recognizable) aquatic shapes -fish, octopus, sharks, and the like. I tucked those into the almost sealed blob along with about ½ bottle of blue food coloring. I definitely recommend this because it ups the fun factor a few notches.

My kids (ages 6,3, and 18 months) played on it a little…but, not enough to let out that uber-satisfied Mom-sigh while sipping on iced tea, watching them play, and sitting on my Adirondack chair for a good hour.

The iron-parchment paper technique did not disappoint. Those edges were perfectly sealed. Sadly, there was an invisible leak in the plastic itself. Arggghh…Manufacturer Defect! It leaked a slow painful death and within two days it was a sad, deflated piece of plastic.

Next time (if there is a next time) I will definitely get the 6 mm plastic, hopefully it’s a little more solid. Maybe even double bag it to prevent any leaks? I also won’t skimp on the aquatic sponge shapes. The more the merrier principle definitely applies here.

The $3 DIY slip-n-slide was definitely a bigger success ‘round here.

In Summary:

Water Blob Do’s:

  • Do Use 6 mm plastic
  • Do Use the Iron/Parchment Paper technique instead of Duct Tape Only
  • Do add lots of floaty fish and fun things on the inside
  • Do add blue food coloring
  • Do this outside, preferably not on the grass. It takes a large, flat space to do this.

Water Blob Dont’s

  • Don’t make this before making the super easy DIY water slide
  • Don’t skimp on plastic thickness
  • Don’t move the parchment paper too soon after ironing or it will pull apart the plastic.
  • Don’t feel like you have to use the whole piece of plastic. It deceivingly takes a long time to fill up.