Customer Service: Is the the best we can do?

What is up with receptionists at medical + dental offices? Why are the majority of them cranky and miserable? Is their job that awful? Having worked at a medical office front desk myself years ago, I can tell you, the job is pretty sweet. It’s indoors. There’s no manual labor. Its low stress and certainly not life threatening. I can also absolutely attest to the fact that the job description most definitely is NOT:

  1. Ignore people, do not greet them, and whatever you do, do NOT look up from your computer when they walk in the door.
  2. Maintain as little knowledge as possible about the inner workings of your office to ensure that questions are not only poorly answered, but flat out incorrect.
  3. Sigh loudly and raise your eyebrows multiple times while booking future appointments.
  4. Never say “thank you”, “how was your appointment”, or “can I help you with anything else today”. And if you do, be sure to say it in the most annoyed, flat-affect voice you can manage.

Dear Receptionists,

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, is this the best I can do? Is this how I treat my husband, children, and friends? Is this how I like to be treated as a customer?

Your job, by definition, is to help customers, no? I don’t expect rose petals and compliments but obvious annoyance at my presence?


After all, my presence pays your salary.

I don’t care if your boss is mean, McDonalds accidently gave you a refill of regular instead of diet, I’m interrupting your facebook post, your chair is too hard, you’re disappointed at the outcome of your life, someone stole the last cookie from the breakroom, or if the guy you helped in front of me was a complete jerk. If I’m treating you like a person, you treat me like one.

Golden rule, people. Golden rule.

PS: For the professionals who have hired these people. They are the face of your business. Do you want the face of your business to look like this?

cranky receptionist


If I go somewhere and the front desk staff is miserable, I never return. And I tell everyone I know to avoid that business. So, sorry Carroll Health Group. I won’t be returning.