Best Recipe of the Week: Dairy-free, Sugar-free Ice Cream

icecream2I don't know about yours but, my kids LOVE ice cream. They would eat it every day. And thanks to this recipe, they can. Its crazy good, a perfect texture, and easily beats the frozen yogurt shops.

Here's a side story on that: My son (who is allergic to dairy) generally only has one dairy free choice (always the least exciting) option at those places so, I always feel a little bad for him when we go there. The last time we went he had a reaction after eating the non-dairy option. The manager informed me they don't take any extra precaution against cross contamination with the dispensers. That was it. I had to officially had to end my relationship with the frozen yogurt places. And, much to my delight, this recipe came out of the break-up.

Here it is:

Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Ice Cream

2 frozen bananas handful of frozen strawberries handful of frozen mangos coconut milk

Put frozen fruit into blender along with 1/2 cup of coconut milk. Blend. Continue to add more coconut milk as needed until ice cream consistency is reached.

PS: Add toppings of your choice or put in a cone for extra smiles.