Sixteen Ways to Keep Summer Simple

It's easy to lose sight of the simple joys of summer with the endless options out there. Summer doesn't have to mean long lines at amusement parks, $300  camps, or overly-involved DIY projects. My summer goal was for our family to slow down and soak in every sweet moment of childhood. Sure, I'd love to attack my mile-long to-do list but, what fun is it for my kids to be schlepped around town or be ignored while "mommy gets things done"? Balance people. We're going for balance here. The scales seem to tip too easy to rat-race parenting unless you stay mindful.

keep summer simple

  1. Get Wet – Whether it’s a Pool, A Sprinkler, A Homemade Slip-N-Slide, or having a car wash for your car + bikes
  2. Catch Fireflies
  3. Make Homemade Summer Treats - Ice Cream, Popsicles, + Mini Fruit Pies
  4. Visit a Local Beach – Dig in the Sand
  5. Visit a Local Farm or Two – Pick Your Own Fruits + Veggies, Visit the Animals
  6. Star Gaze, Look for Shooting Stars, Talk about the Constellations, and the Big-ness of the Universe
  7. Camp In Your Backyard, Roast Marshmallows, + Cook Dinner Outside
  8. Take Out A Rowboat or A Canoe
  9. Enter Summer Reading Contest + Check out all the Free Activities at your Local Library
  10. Go to An Outdoor Concert
  11. Have a Picnic
  12. Go on a Bug or Animal Hunts
  13. Go Fishing
  14. Set Up an Outdoor Movie
  15. Do Simple Science Experiments
  16. Organize a Field Day with Friends