Meet Cybo

Meet Cybo So, we adopted a little kitten today. I admit, it was a little impulsive and not well planned but you see, this perfect storm occurred:

  1. We've been mildly in the market for a pet.
  2. The kids keep asking for a kitten.
  3. Last week a camp counselor asked every kid what kind of pet they had, Aiden said, “I have ZERO pets.” Which was second in sadness only to a little girl who earnestly declared, “We have ants in our house because it’s dirty.”
  4. I have a minor Craigslist browsing addiction. This morning I was perusing and although the first thing that caught my eye was “Sweet Donkey for Sale”, the second was “Adorable Kitten Free to Loving Home”.

So, when the husband called on his way home from work today, I hit him with the news. (Of the new kitten, not a new donkey. Sadly, a donkey doesn't fit as easily in our suv.)

Sure, he was a tad surprised but true to form, a great sport about it.

JUNE 2014 095

Poor little kitten has had a paparazzi since he got here. Our daughter had her first bite of cat food. And we now have a litter box to contend with until we train the cat to go outside.

But overall, I think (hope) this was a good choice. Cats are pretty low maintenance. Having pets has been shown to benefit health. And caring for an animal can help kids learn responsibility.

JUNE 2014 101

Off to google “how to take care of a new kitten”…