Clean for Screens

screen timeDo your kids love screen time? Do you love a clean house?

It’s time to feed two birds with one stone, friends. And that stone is “Clean for Screens”.

Kids learn the “if I do this…then this happens” principle of life. Mom’s job becomes a tad easier. No guilt involved. You’ll love it.

Here’s how we do it:


I let my kids have 30 minutes of screen (computer, Ipad, pbs television) time in the morning and evening.

Since my boys love their screen time so much, they’ll happily do things to be able to play on them.

For morning screen time, my guys have to clean up the mess they made in the family room. This happens the night before.

For evening screen time, they have to pick up and put away the toys in their room. This happens right before dinner.

I’m telling you, this has totally saved me. No more whining about cleaning because there’s a tangible reward to earn. No more complaining about not getting enough time on their screens because they're clear on what to expect. No more stepping on legos while putting kids to bed. No more being super annoyed at having to clean their toys up at night. It's a dream.