Take Back Your Morning

Waking up to kids crying or making requests inches from your barely opened eyeballs is no way to start the day. When this happens to me, it’s guaranteed to wreck my mood, productivity, and outlook on life until at least noon.

Rolling out of bed to deal with a kid crisis quickly snowballs into the morning routine. First, breakfast. Then after-breakfast cleaning. After that, it’s time to brush teeth, get dressed, and get ready for whatever the day holds.

Hours later, my kids are completely presentable and happy.

As for me? I’m still in my mismatched pjs with bad hair and zero makeup. My untouched cup of coffee is now cold on the table and my feelings of anything happy or pleasant are nill.

This doesn’t work for me.

So, I started implementing a 20 minute mom-sanity-saving morning routine. Here’s how it goes.

  1. Wake up 20 minutes before kids. Or, recruit your husband to man the troops at this time.
  2. Get out of bed and directly into shower. Wash, shave, stretch, sing – whatever you need to do to wake up.
  3. Two-minute make-up routine. Mine consists of 5 products: concealer, powder, brow filler, mascara, and lip gloss. So simple and works magic. Have you seen this blog for make-up tips? It's fab.
  4. Apply deodorant and nice smelling, non-toxic lotion. Why non toxic? Because cancer isn’t pretty and nobody needs to increase cancer chances with beauty products. Not sure if yours are toxic? Check them out here.
  5. Get Dressed. It doesn’t have to be an evening gown but don’t let it be your husbands old t-shirt and a pair of mom jeans. Look at all these cute ideas I found with one pinterest search.
  6. Do something with your hair. Personally, I’m not into blow-drying but I do love cute hair accessories or hats like these . I’m also all about trying easy out-of-the-way up-dos like these.
  7. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea in a cute mug. Sip it while pleasantly wishing your family good morning. Use the remainder of your 20 minutes to look at something that makes you happy & non-stressed – a magazine, your twitter feed, your back yard...you get the idea.

Now that’s the way to start a morning.


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