Best Shoes For Smart, Stylish Pregnant Chicks & Mommas

If you’re one of those stiletto moms, more power to you. For me, heels quickly went out the window when I had my first round o’ pregnancy. I can tell you, I don’t miss them in the least. I’ll pop them on a rare (like dinosaur sighting rare) night out and begin to loathe them about 15 minutes in.

The side effects of wearing high heels is catastrophic. Heels increase the forces on the spine, predisposing you to disk degeneration, osteoarthritis, and back pain. Nothin' sexy about that.

Knee pain – also not high on the sexy scale, is inevitable after your calves get chronically shortened and tight from wearing heels.

Hammertoes & bunions…sexy? Not in the least. You’ll get those too from the increased pressure on your toes. The higher the heel, the more pressure on the toes.

Haglunds deformity, or “pump bump” is a bony lump that forms on the back of your heel when you wear high heels all the time. I don't know about you but deformities of any kind aren't high on my list of wants.

Does this mean I’m throwing in the towel and wearing house-marm slippers or gender non-specific sandals?

Not in the least.

There are, in fact, many shoes that are comfortable and cute.

Regarding comfort, you’re not going to find it in cheap shoes. Those $10 sandals from Target aren’t going to do you any favors. Especially when you’re chasing kids around or carrying extra pregnancy weight. First of all, there’s zero arch support and this can lead to a painful condition called plantar fascitis. Foot pain = insta-crankiness. And, if your feet hurt, you’re likely to choose sitting down over staying active. How's that going to help you maintain that girlish figure of yours?

The good news? Smart women like yourself are quickly catching on that comfortable shoes are the way to go and manufacturers are making the most adorable shoes these days.



These are my top cute and comfortable shoe picks this summer:

  1. Fitflop Lulu
  2. Fitflop Ibiza
  3. Keens Mercer Ballerina
  4. Ahnu Karma Textile
  5. Ahnu Karma
  6. Keens Waimea

How about you? What shoes are your feet loving right now? Do tell!

PS: If you’re not a Zappos shopper…Holy Toledo woman get on that. You can order like 10 pairs, try them all on in the comfort of your home (no more chasing toddlers up and down the isles of DSW ever again), and return whatever you don’t like for free.