On Taking Chances

chance2Sometimes in life you just have to take that chance, even if the odds of winning are one in thousands, just go for it. Stop subscribing to the "I don't win anything so I'm not even going to try" mentality and try your luck.

At the county fair, we passed a raffle to win an amazing gazebo, cool handcrafted patio furniture, a deluxe weber grill, a huge commercial cooler, a complete cornhole game set, and a sweet fire pit. Altogether, it was probably worth more than three thousand dollars.

I was all poo-poo about it. Nah, we'll never win. I'm super-pregnant and tired, let's go home.

My husband (who has always worn the more positive pants in the relationship) went for it.

And guess what, a week later we got a call asking us when they could deliver the winnings.


I was ecstatic. We would've never splurged on all this backyard wonderment. It's amazing.


My lesson that I'm passing on to you, my friend, is this. Take the chance, say yes even if you're not sure, and consider yourself lucky all the time. Play the raffle, buy the megamillion ticket, try out for something you don't feel you deserve.

Do something cra-zay!

Because at the end of the day, you have just as much of a chance as anybody else. And you'll never know what's out there waiting for you if you don't take the first step.

May the odds ever be in your favor (sorry, I couldn’t resist).