Early Encouragement for Sibling Bonding

So listen guys, no judging my writing or grammar skills right now because I’m freakishly pregnant and lucky if my shoes end up on the correct foot. I still have so many thoughts worth blogging about so pregnancy brain or not, here it goes. Recently I’ve been wondering, what’s the secret to deep, close sibling relationships? You know, the sisters that end up buying houses on the same street so they can raise their families together. Or the brothers that go into business together. I want that for my kids. What’s the formula?

Is there a certain age spread that ends up working best?

Is it learned from the parents having good relationships with their siblings?

Does it just come down to personality?

Is it better to spend more or less time together?

Does sharing a room make it better or worse?

Is it something you can teach your children?

Or will it just happen naturally?

Our kids are still pretty young. So for now, we help them develop good relationships with each other by on spending quality time together, letting each child now how much they’re loved, and helping them understand how to treat each other kindly.

We also have a tradition whenever a new baby arrives. We give a gift to big brother/sister from the baby.

Sure, you can read a book about how cool it is to be a big brother or asure them you’ll always love them even though you’ll be giving a lot of attention to the baby. Do those too! But, if there’s ever a time to sweeten the deal with a gift, it’s now.

Turns out, this is really meaningful to young kids. They have the sweetest reaction. It’s an instantaneous, “Hey, maybe this little alien’s not so bad after all!”

We normally wait until after the baby is born. But this time, my incorrect due date has resulted in a lot of waiting for all of us. So, we gave them their gifts today. We told them the baby sent a gift before she got here because they’ve been so patiently waiting for her.

new baby gifts

They were thrilled with the gifts and ran up to my belly to say thank you to baby. So, so sweet.

Have tricks for encouraging close sibling relationships? Do tell!