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Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been in new baby heaven with this little girl. Lucy

Check out the cute baby snuggling that’s been going on around here.

baby snuggling

As you can imagine, it’s insanely busy now that we’ve added a newborn to the mix. Between the everyday needs of 4 kids, the start of the new school year, and our first soccer season, I have zero time for blogging (or even showering for that matter). Looking back, I can’t believe I thought I was busy when I had only my first baby.

Despite my lack of time, I have a growing mental list of blog posts just begging to be written. I’ve had countless insights since the baby delivery. Can you believe I delivered at the hospital this go around? The experience was completely different than the home and birth center births I had with my other babies. I can’t wait to tell you why I chose the hospital this time in the posts, “Home vs Birth Center vs Hospital: Where should you deliver your baby?” and “Team Natural or Team Epidural?”

Now that little Lucy is here, I’ve rediscovered what you really need to stock up on for a new baby. We often buy so much useless junk and rarely have the necessities on hand when we need them. You can get the scoop in “New Baby Essentials – Natural First Aid & More”.

Two days post-partum I had to rally to get my boys to their first soccer practice. "Soccer Mom 101" gives you the tips I wish I had before starting the season.

Oh and what I’m most excited about? My get-it-back workout plan! Even though I’m only two week post-partum and not six, I’ve already outlined three months of serious butt-kicking, waist whittling glory. I’m going to lay it all out for you in case you want to follow it with me in “Baby Weight? What Baby Weight?

I have a hilarious story about my first attempt at a cleaning schedule. Lemme tell ya, there not all butterflies & roses like most posts make them out to be. But after a few weeks of playing with it, I think I’ve found some ways to make a cleaning schedule work for you and not against you. You’ll hear all about it in “The Reality of a Cleaning Schedule”.

Grilled RomaineIn the meantime, here’s my best recipe of the week. It's one of the many great grill recipes I have to tell you about & the perfect salad for cooler weather. I actually can’t take any credit for this because my husband has completely taken over the cooking since a few months before baby arrived. Thank God he’s pretty great like that. I can’t believe I gave him the total run around wasn’t so sure about him when we first met. Speaking of, that’s another upcoming post, “How to Really Chose a Boyfriend (A Guide to my 20-Something Self)”.

Stay tuned for all of that and more! I’m looking forward to being back in touch again.

How about you guys? What have you been up to?