What the Heck is Banana Flour & Should You be Feeding it to Your Family?

So you’ve probably heard that probiotics are a good thing.  There’s oodles of research out there supporting their use for a variety of conditions and symptoms. There’s also no real debating the importance of our gut bugs for health. Did you know we have more bacteria inside of us than we have cells in our own body? Research suggests that these bugs influence our physiology as much as our own body. Bottom line here: If your bugs aren't healthy, you aren't healthy.

It should be as easy as eating Activia every day or taking some probiotics right?  Wrong.

Here’s the deal . . .

We each have our own microbial fingerprint.  In other words, your gut bugs are different than other people you know. If you take probiotics, you can improve your gut bacteria, but a few weeks after you stop taking probiotics, you go right back to your own microbial fingerprint.

So are they completely worthless?  Not entirely. Probiotics probably have more influence on our immune system than they do on our microbial balance. But, we can get into that in a later post.

If probiotics aren’t the answer, then what is? 

Enter resistant starches.

Resistant starches are just that – a starch that is resistant to digestion.  Because they aren’t broken down, they end up being food for your own bacteria.  And it turns out this may be the best way to support our gut bugs.

Benefits to adding resistant starches in your diet are kind of endless, including improvements in digestion, immune function, and blood sugar balance. They help to increase satiety and therefore may even help you drop a few pounds or not hear "I want a snack" from your kids 20 minutes after you just fed them. Bonus!

Wait. Weren’t we talking about banana flour?

Yes. Banana flour (quite simply a flour made from green bananas) can be used as a gluten free baking powder but is now gaining popularity as a form of resistant starch.

Is it gross?

Not at all. In fact, you can’t even taste it when it’s mixed into a smoothie. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Make your morning smoothie as usual. Need some recipes? There's some delicious ideas for you here and here.
  2. Blend in the following resistant starch ingredients: Wedo Banana Flour – 1 tablespoon Bob’s Mill Unmodified Potato Starch – 1-2 tablespoons
  3. Drink up & pour a cup for each of your family members.
  4. Smile & feel like the Incredibles for the rest of the day.


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