Should I Do A Detox Program? Circle Yes or No

detox cringe I literally cringe every time I hear the word “detox”. “Cleanse” is another one. Not because the intelligent use of these practices isn’t valuable, it’s because they’ve become such watered-down, almost worthless buzz words that mean too many things today. Most commercial detoxes are a complete waste . . . unless you’re into that whole spending-too-much-money-just-to-eat-fewer-calories-and-sit-on-the-toilet-pooping-your-brains-out kinda thing.

Not to mention, they can be dangerous and seriously mess you up.

When I first got into health, I spent way too much money on an iridology appointment. This women looked into my eyes and told me my colon needed cleansing. Mind you I was like 17 with zero health problems... except my over-zealous interest in natural health.

How much cleansing does a 17 year old colon really need!? I mean, honestly.

Anyway, she had me take this herbal combo that was supposed to “sweep out my colon”. (Apparently taking a Swiffer to one’s colon was best scientific explanation she could come up with.) I can’t tell you if anything was swept from my colon or not, but I can tell you it gave me lower abdominal pain for months after I stopped taking it.

So, back to detoxification. At this point you think I hate it right? Wrong.

I’ve seen countless people improve their health through a good detoxification program. Actually, I think it’s something everyone on the planet should do.

So why am I bashing it?

throwupBecause most people have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to health and royally screw it up. They’d rather make a quick buck selling you their multi-level marketing supplement than take the time to know what they’re talking about. The word detox may make me cringe but the claims I read on the internet make me throw up in my mouth (and not just a little bit).

A good detox program one that is scientifically-based and uses established principles in human physiology and metabolism. By “scientifically-based” I mean one that doesn’t use woo-woo pseudo-science or ridiculous claims such as “melts away fat”.

**I guess I should insert a self-promoting plug about the detoxification program I offer in my practice. You can learn more about that here but first let’s talk about why you may want to do a detoxification program.**

Why should someone consider doing a well-designed ­cleansing-type program?

1. The world is toxic. There are numerous studies that supports this. Sure, we’re sitting pretty these days without modern conveniences in comparison to back in the day. Chemicals keep dirt away. Pesticide keep bugs away. Herbicides keep weeds away. Hair dye keeps greys away. Beauty products keep wrinkles away. Deodorants keep stink away.

Our cars always smell new, our laundry always smells like fresh rain, and our hair always smells like a tropical breeze.

By the way, what do new cars, fresh rain, and tropical breezes smell like anyway?

Unfortunately our modern conveniences come at a cost. There’s been a freakishly large amount of toxic chemicals released into our environment over the past 50 years. Some estimates being as many as 5+ new chemicals approved for use in America every day.

2. We are toxic. There are numerous studies that suggest this, too. In fact, samples of blood, urine and fat tissue taken from adults across the US commonly demonstrate not just a few toxic chemicals, but an average of almost 100 disgusting chemicals in their body. The people used in these studies do not work in chemical-laden, industrial type jobs. They are everyday people, like you and me.

3. To prevent turning into a sick old lady It has been suggested that toxic overload contributes to more serious conditions such as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory/rheumatoid arthritis and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, as well as being major contributors to everything from fatigue, to migraine headaches, to sleep disorders as well as body aches and pains.

So, my final answer?

yes or noDoing a well-designed detoxification is well worth your time and money. The body is infinitely intelligent and continuously works to detoxify itself every day. But now more than ever, it could use a little help. The toxic funk we’re constantly exposed to combined with excessive stress, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise makes it difficult to keep up. Our bodies are basically begging for a detoxification program.

Want to prevent disease? Detoxification has been shown to be an effective, preventative measure for a variety of health problems.

Want to improve your health?  The removal of these toxins from the system enhances the organs’ ability to better absorb nutrients and improve biological function which in turn, accelerates healing processes and leaves you at a higher state of health.

I do cringe when people talk about cleansing or detoxing. But when done properly, it can be extremely beneficial, not only for symptomatic people but for us healthy folks too.