Links & Loves

linksandloves Ack! Its super busy this time of year, isn’t it? I do my best to slow down and enjoy every moment but the holidays always seem to be on fast forward.

I just finished up running a 14-day detox program with a phenomenal group of ladies. The results were incredible. One girl lost 12 inches in 12 days! I love watching people go from freaking out about not having coffee to not needing coffee. They unanimously loved what they were doing and how they felt so much that they wanted to continue after the 14 days were over.

If you’re interested in kicking off 2015 right, reserve your spot now for a 14 or 28 day program starting January 1.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? As a kid, I used to hate it. To me it was a boring blahh-brown, turkey holiday before sparkly, exciting Christmas and that was about it. I make a conscious effort to make Thanksgiving fun for my kids by putting them in charge of decorations, having food they’ll want to eat, and doing fun traditions for them to look forward to.

Decorating is easy thanks to our pal, Google. There's some cute projects for kids here and here. And how cute is minimalistic table setting idea? Thanksgiving fortune cookies? Sounds weird but in fact, adorable. Have everyone fill out their own and read them before dinner. If I can pull it off, I soo want to make this sweet thanksgiving leftover station happen. And here's free printable Thanksgiving art to fill a picture frame.

As for food, there's many ways to spice it up without stepping too far out of tradition. I remember my first year in Naturopathic school I tried to make a tofu pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Yuck. I'm now a much better cook and totally against tofu. What are you making this year?

You know making it a gluten & dairy free holiday is super easy, right? Replacing milk with coconut milk and butter with Earth Balance Dairy Free Butter is an easy substitution that will go unnoticed by even the most suspecting guest.  These recipes for stuffing, biscuits, and pies are great alternatives to avoid that tired, sludgy feeling from too much gluten. I love these fresh recipes from PaleoMag, too. There's really no reason to feel stuffed and sick after a holiday. Take the time to make it healthy, your body will thank you for it.

Traditions are a good way to mindfully experience holidays that have the tendency to get a little hectic. As a kid, the tradition was to race to church, over to one grandparents home, and then across town to the other grandparents home. In attempts to keep the day a little slower, our tradition is to start the day with a hike. Fresh air + crispy leaves + silent forest = Peace. Every time.

Above all, be grateful this month (and teach your kids to be, too).  Count your many blessings and give thanks every day.