Skinny Jeans, Fat Loss in a Bottle & The Little Mermaid

jeansSo, my littlest just turned 3 months old and this momma is back in her skinny jeans! (Don't mind the weird leaning-over picture snapped quickly as proof...) How did I do it? Let me first tell you how I didn’t do it…by wasting money on a fat loss supplement.

If you learn nothing from this post, please learn that irrefutably, fat loss does not come in a bottle.

And if it does (which it doesn’t)…it’s not going to end up well.

Take for example what our friends in conventional medicine have recommended…Fen-phen, Merida, and Dexatrim. They were all pulled off the market because they caused cardiovascular problems.

So, you can be thin…but your heart is going to blow out. Sweet. It reminds me of The Little Mermaid when Ursula grants Ariel legs… in exchange for her super awesome voice. I digress.

Another weight loss drug, Rimonabant, was pulled due to severe psychiatric issues. And then there’s xenical (eg Orlistat), which causes digestive discomfort and “anal leakage”. A big don’t-mind-if-I-don’t to those, right?

magicAnd then there’s “natural” fat loss supplements. Here’s a quick tip – none (yes, I said NONE) of them work. I don’t care what fancy graphs, before-and-after photos, or Dr. Oz says. They don’t work.

How can I say those things about such wonder-supplements as raspberry ketones, medium chain triglycerides, or garcinia cambogia? Two reasons. One is real world experience. You can take as much of these as you want and unless you have your diet and exercise program in place, you won’t magically get the body you want.

But let’s say you are doing the right things with your diet and exercise, just how much weight can you expect to lose? Not much. Maybe an extra pound or two over the course of a few months at best.

How do I know? Research. The same research you’ll read from someone trying to sell you this crap.

You see, in the world of research there’s something called “statistical significance”. In English, that basically translates into “We’re pumped as researchers because it means the data is valid, but may have almost no bearing in the real world.”

Allow me to give you an example.

A pretty smart dude in the industry ran a study having people eat their normal diet but exercise – get this – three times a week using supervised weight training and three more days a week in an intense boot camp-type class for a full four months.

The fat loss this group achieved was statistically significant over a group that didn’t do any exercise for four months. Not all that surprising. But what is surprising - and downright frustrating – is that fat loss was only one pound more than the group who did no exercise. One measly pound, but it was statistically significant.

So I don’t care what research your favorite fat loss supplement company is quoting, none of them will make enough difference that you would notice months later whether you were taking them or not. If you want to spend upwards of $30 a bottle to lose 1 pound and potentially get a serious health problems in a few years when they figure out what you’re taking is harmful, go for it.

But, please don’t go for it. I’d rather see you healthy with a few extra dollars to spend on something more fun…like a pair of cute boots!

My recommendation? Eat right, exercise hard(ish), and make sure your physiology is working right on the inside – and you’ll look great. I promise.

Now back to me…not really, but I promised I’d tell you how I fit back into my jeans. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  1. Eating protein for breakfast. (My husband makes fun of me that I’m an like old lady set in her ways because I eat the same thing every single morning). Two whole eggs. If we have it, I throw some salsa or a sliced tomato on the side.
  2. Throughout the day, I try to eat lunch with my kids. This will generally be some veggies (whatever they don’t eat off their plates. As gross as that sounds, it’s a mom-fact.) And I’ll grab something protein on top of that. This used to be cheese but my baby is allergic so I had to cut dairy while nursing. Maybe it’s leftover protein from dinner, some almonds, or Applegate Farms turkey lunch meat.
  3. Dinner is always healthy around here. We always have vegetables, a protein, and often rice. I don’t skimp on the rice. I guess I could if I wanted to cut carbohydrates but I’m just not there right now.
  4. I drink A TON. I mean…like a ton. I’m basically part camel. Water gets old to me so I generally brew a huge batch of herbal tea, pop it in the refrigerator, and sip on that throughout the day.
  5. I exercise 4 times a week regularly, more if I can swing it. I do this in my pjs and a sportsbra at home. No gym, no membership fees, no driving. Right now I’m all about Tapout XT. I started working out 6 weeks post-partum.
  6. Oh and I sleep. I loooove sleep. And thankfully, this little miss does too. Lucy