“***** Free” Doesn’t Mean Healthy

starbucks Just because something is gluten free, fat free, trans-free, sugar free or cholesterol free does not mean it’s healthy. The gluten-free marshmallow bar from Starbucks is a perfect example. It has 260 calories, most of which come from sugar and carbohydrates which I’m sorry, isn’t healthy. At all.

But, what a great little internal rationale for eating something with zero guilt. “Oh, this is gluten-free, let me have one.” Marketing companies know this.

Don’t fall for it. Most things that are free in life have a built-in cost somewhere else that you end up paying for. Remember, the fat-free food craze was what made most of America fat in the first place.

Let’s learn from our mistakes. Chose food that looks closest to how it appears in nature (and what an easy lesson to teach to your kids). Apples are gluten free, fat free, trans-free, cholesterol-free, and sugar free (except for its own built-in sugar), so why aren't we eating more of those?

In the case of this photo, chose the banana below the marshmallow bar. They’re sweet, less expensive, and a healthier choice.

PS: If you haven't heard of Michael Pollen's Food Rules, you have to check it out. He has a brilliant list of easy-to remember rules, such as " Never get your fuel from the same place your car does". It's one of my favorite books.