Christmas Cookies (For Those with Allergies, Baking Misfortunes, or Both)

Christmas is the only time of year it’s acceptable to have heaps of cookies in your home. It’s also the only time of year it’s unacceptable not to bake.

As a non-cookie eater and a non-baker, I generally find myself scrambling a few days before Christmas to make cookies for my kids. This year was no different.

Now, before you peg me for an awful mother who doesn’t bake, I’ll tell you about my biggest baking obstacle. The serious allergies in our family means baking isn’t butter, sugar, flour, or anything with nuts. It's substitutions, and a lot of them.

Said substitutions generally result in strange cookies, gross cookies, or no cookies at all.

But not this year. This time I did it! I made 5 varieties of cookies without dairy or eggs (or gluten or soy or nuts) and they all turned out.

I don’t have time to be mixing & weighing multiple flours or searching health food stores for odd ingredients. I need easy. Like really easy. Easy balanced with tasty, of course. Because we all know how brutally blunt little kids can be.

“Mommy! These cookies are disgusting!” Thanks, guys. Thanks.

So anyway, here’s the easy recipes I used (that actually turned out) in case you are a struggling allergen-free baker, too.

Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies - On a scale of 1 to 10, these were an 11. I highly recommend making these small (like, baby food jar opening size) because they're super rich. I made mine with my Peppermint Essential Oil. Only 1 drop needed - SO peppermint-y and delicious.

Sugar Cookies - This recipe was awesome because I made three different cookies out of it. The first was sugar with dairy free frosting and sprinkles. The second was snickerdoodles by rolling the dough into balls and coating with cinnamon & sugar. Third, I melted chocolate and did a fancy drizzle, which my daughter particularly appreciated.

Chocolate Chip Cookies -  I used coconut oil and coconut milk in this recipe. Oh while we're on chocolate chip, if you’re ever looking for an easy box mix this one is great.

So there you have it, three recipes, five different cookie varieties. There's hope for us non-bakers at Christmas after all.

Have a dairy free, egg free, nut free Christmas cookie recipe? Tell me about it.