Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa

hot cocoaIt breaks my heart when I hear about parents & kids struggling with a food allergy. There's more substitution options available today than ever. It really is pretty easy to never have your child feel left out because he/she can’t have hot cocoa, ice-cream, or pizza like other kids can. You guys know my little guy has a handful of allergies. I used to dread birthday parties and get togethers because we always had to b.y.o.f (bring your own food). And you know your kid doesn’t want to have the turkey sandwich you packed when all the other kids are eating hot pizza!

Once you master the art of substituting and there really isn’t anything you can’t recreate. And you know what, it actually tastes wayyyy better than the regular stuff!

By the way, going gluten or dairy free isn't just for kids with known allergies. If your child gets sick often or struggles with eczema, constipation, behavior/attention problems, bed-wetting, or chronic ear infections, you may want to try taking out allergenic foods like gluten, dairy, soy, and eggs.

Here’s how we do Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa (since it’s like 0 degrees outside):


  • So-Delicious Coconut Milk
  • Ahh-laska Dairy Free Hot Cocoa Mix
  • Dandies Original Vanilla Marshmallows

Warm up the milk on the stove (make sure it's not too hot for the little ones!) Then, stir in the cocoa and serve with marshmallows. Yum!