Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

skin You know how wearing shorts for the first time in the Spring gives you a little anxiety? Just thinking about sharing your pasty white, dry legs with the world makes you want to keep wearing pants long after winter is over.

Not anymore, girl. Not anymore.

This awesome recipe from the ebook, “Essential Oils – 50 Simple Recipes for a Healthy Body & Healthy Home” is going to make your legs so smooth you’re going to want to sport your shorts all winter long.

And guess what, no chemicals. Yup, you can get rid of your alligator skin without absorbing a bunch of toxic junk.

It only has three (yes, three) ingredients:

  1. Coconut Sugar
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Essential Oil of Choice (Remember, I only use Young Living essential because I don’t want to put anything on my skin I wouldn’t want to eat.)

Compare this to a microdermabrasion scrub sample someone gave me.


Yuck! Wanna eat that? Me either!

But the coconut sugar could totally eat! Of course, you wont want to because you'll be too busy using it as a body scrub, face scrub, lip scrub…(look out kids, here comes Mom with her scrub again!) You're going to love it so much you're going to run out of things that need scrubbing.

Dry Skin? Goodbye.

Rough heels? Goodbye.

Chapped, Peel-y Lips? Goodbye.

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Melt ½ cup of coconut oil just until it’s not solid. Let it cool a little.
  2. Slowly pour it into 1 cup of coconut sugar.
  3. Stir in 10 drops of your favorite young living essential oil. (Stress Away is amazing.)
  4. Keep in an airtight glass container. (I scored mine at Ikea)

Ready to get started with essential oils? You can read a few of my thoughts on essential oils here or join my facebook group to learn more!