Eat More, Buy Less.

target You know how you go into the store for one thing and you come out with like three bags?

Guess what? You're hunger could be to blame.

There was a recent study suggesting that the hungrier we are, the more we buy.

A quick jaunt into the mall to pick out some cute new jeans could result in a full-on shopping spree if you skipped your last meal.

See, when we’re hungry we feel like we want something, the obvious thing being food, but it turns out that our brain can’t differentiate between food or material items.

In this study, they used binder clips.  Yes, binder clips.  And they found that, when offered free binder clips to fed or hungry college students, the hungry students took more binder clips home than those who just ate.

Everyone knows better than to shop at a grocery store hungry, but according to this recent study, it turns out that we’ll leave virtually any store with more stuff if we shop on an empty stomach.

Is the same thing true if we’re shopping online while hungry?  I think so!

But for now, I’m going to grab a snack before going shopping, or else when I head out for some diapers at Target, I might end up coming home with an extra $100 in their new Spring line.

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