DIY Hill Slide Project

What'd you guys do this weekend? We spent some much needed outdoor time. It was exactly what I needed after feeling so frazzled and stressy lately. I mean, seriously. I was laying on a blanket in my backyard. Birds chirping. Perfect breeze. Looking at this:

And this:

And this:

Sometimes as moms we get so stuck in the house doing all the cleaning and cooking that we stop doingfun stuff, like using our creativity to create a kid-friendly backyard!

There’s so many ideas to do this. So far, we’ve created a climbing wall, a rope swing, a water blob, and a slip-n-slide.

Recently, I saw a post somewhere about a "mound slide".  Now, I hate the word mound so I will rename and refer to it as a hill slide. Which is, essentially, a slide built on a hill. (Not a mound, which is as gross of a word as moist. I digress.)

So, we had an ugly heap of playground pieces in the corner of our yard since we moved over a year ago. Please tell me I’m not the only one with ugly heaps in their life. It was a good fit for our old house/small yard but not so much for our new house/large yard. We’ve had our eyes set on a bigger, better playground for our kids but haven’t been ready to sink the grand+ into it yet.

The hill-slide is awesome because:

  • We already had the pieces. Zero dollar projects are always winning. Reduce-Reuse-Recycling always feels good.
  • It blends into the landscaping and because of that, could potentially stay there for a really long time. Hello, grandbabies! (No gaudy, primary-color play equipment. Not that we're against that. We've got plenty of that too. But to not add another one is kinda nice.)
  • The kids dig it. It’s new. It’s a slide. Enough said.

How do you create a hill slide in your own yard?


  1. Score an unloved plastic slide. Either one your kids aren’t using anymore or one on craigslist (despite how I feel about that site, it's pretty good for deals like this.
  2. Use existing or create new hill with fill dirt and mulch.
  3. Secure it as needed. We had this random concrete brick around and it worked perfectly.

4. Cute-ify as desired. We put these little stepping stones along the side, which I plan on painting with kids hands prints or something. Look at all these cute ideas for painting stones! I'm also going to carve their initials in the tree. Cute city.