How to Make a Healthy Smoothie They'll Actually Drink

I go through ebbs and flows in seriousness of being healthy. Sometimes I’m doing the basics and other times I ramp it up.

Right now I'm at the top of the ramp.

Why? Because I’ve been seeing so many people struggling with their health lately. Seriously, if you ever need motivation to stick to your health goals, just start talking to people and listen to how bad they're feeling.  It’s always a good reminder for me that our bodies, though resilient, are also fragile and we need to do what we can now to help prevent chronic disease in ourselves and our families.

Rather than putting the regular (fruits, veggies, protein powder, healthy fats, prebiotics) in our morning shake, I'm supercharging it by slipping in a greens drink powder, Nanogreens. 

And guess what happened when I started doing this? My kids LOVE their morning shakes.

You know how kids love something one day and then won't touch it the next, right? Yeah, I can't stand that. And it's not happening at all with their shakes since I've added in Nanogreens.

It's like my shake secret weapon.

I'm serious. We’ve tried different greens drinks with the kids in the past, but NanoGreens is a winner.  They don’t even know we’re putting it in the shake and every morning now, they guzzle down the whole thing.

If you’ve never tried a “greens drink”, it is basically dried and then pulverized fruits, veggies, and a ton of other healthy ingredients packed into a little scooper. Look at the ingredients, it's probably more healthy food than you've eaten in the past two weeks.

As with most things, you get what you pay for, and these are no different.  Because you are essentially consuming concentrated fruits and vegetables, you want most of them to be organic, or you might be consuming concentrated pesticides and chemicals as well.  I don’t know that any studies have been done to analyze this, just something to keep in mind.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, most of these green drinks will have a “proprietary blend”, which means there might be a list of 20 or so ingredients, but you don’t know the specific quantities of each.  For example, if the “proprietary blend” says 2,000mg and has 10 ingredients in it, those 10 ingredients will all add up to 2,000mg, but you have almost no idea how much of each there are.

I say almost, because the ingredients have to be listed in the order of greatest to least in quantity. And that's how you sneakily decipher a proprietary blend.

Read the first few ingredients and if they say things like lecithin and apple pectin, you probably have a pretty cheap product.  There’s nothing necessarily wrong with these ingredients, they are just very cheap to make and are often added as fillers in greens drinks to make if feel like you’re getting more good stuff in it.

On the other hand, if the first couple of ingredients are spinach or blueberries, you probably have a decent product.

Nanogreens is the perfect solution for picky-eater kids (& parents) who don't eat a boatload of fruits & vegetables every day.

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