How To Maintain that Vacation Feeling (Even When Vacation is Over)

We just had a fantastic start to the summer with a quick road trip to the Isle of Palms? Have you been there? Oh my gosh, it’s AMAZING. I thought California beaches were the only ones I was happy with but it turns out, South Carolina beaches are incredible!

Listen, in efforts to promote you (and me) getting off the computer and into the outdoors, I’m keeping my summer blog posts short & sweet.

My big takeaway when we went on vacation was, Oh my gosh I love vacation, why can’t I feel this way when I get home?

And the thing is, of course no responsibilities and new scenery (not to mention fruity drinks served poolside) will make you happy. But, how do you keep that care-free vacation feeling when you come back home?

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Downsize Your Closet – When you’re on vacation for a week, you have a few key outfits that are probably your favorites. You don’t pack your whole damn closet! And it’s SO easy. It’s easy to pick out what you’re wearing that day. It’s easy to put together a great looking combo every time. There’s no hunting and pecking through things you don’t like, things that are stretched out, or things that make you feel fat. To maintain that vacation simplicity, downsize your closet at home.
  2. Go Natural – The entire vacation I had beach hair, wore no make-up, and only wore my cutest, most comfortable clothes. Now, I’m pretty natural as it is but this is a huge change from how I used to be (styled hair, perfect make-up, and uncomfortable clothes). And if you’re someone who does the latter, lemme tell ya, you’ve got to let it go. It’s a huge waste of time and energy. You can still look amazing without having to do so much stuff!
  3. Make Exercise Part of Your Day, Not Separate from Your Day – There was a full gym at the resort we stayed at but do you think I was going to choose to go inside the gym instead of heading out to the beach? No way! Guess what we did do though, we walked everywhere, swam all day, and played on the beach. I didn’t feel guilty about skipping workouts and turns out, I even dropped a few stubborn lbs. At home, it’s easy to excuse yourself out of exercising because you don’t have time. The thing is, you have built in personal trainers, your children. If you keep them active, chances are you’ll fit in plenty of activity for yourself as well.
  4. Minimize Your Screen Time – I didn’t check emails, blog, or connect my phone to wifi the entire time we were away. I can’t tell you how dramatically this improved my life. My days seemed so much longer and I was more present than I’ve ever been. Of course, I can’t maintain a complete disconnect from my online life but I plan on scheduling less screen time for myself at home.
  5. Only Care About What Matters – I was so care-free when we were away! When I’m home, I have a tendency to get caught up in little things that in the grand scheme, don’t matter at all. I read an article (Warning: If you don’t like curse words, you shouldn’t read) that captured this perfectly. We only have so much caring to give. If we care too much about the wrong things, chances are we’re not caring enough about the right things. Now that I’m home, I plan to really pay attention to what I’m caring about to make sure it’s not a waste of my time.

Have you been on vacation yet this summer? Have any ideas to add to help us maintain that vacation feeling?

I’d love to hear all about it below, on facebook or on twitter!