Popsicles for Breakfast

We’re in a breakfast rut. See, here’s the problem. The kids will love certain foods and ask for them every morning. Then, out of the blue, they change their mind. Like, for months they wanted waffles and then….they hate them. Same thing with hot cereal, sausages, fruit with yogurt, and more.

Now, let me be clear. When I say waffles, I don’t mean the frozen kind. I mean home-made waffles on the waffle iron, made from a gluten & dairy free recipe that takes some time to put together. And when I say hot cereal, I don’t mean instant oatmeal. The sausages or bacon we make are always the nitrate-free, organic variety. Translation: Expensive, time-consuming breakfasts that you don’t want wasted every morning.

The rut part comes in because we strongly believe in a healthy breakfast. So, goodbye to poptarts, boxed cereals, toaster strudels, or the other options that that commercials brag about making breakfast a snap.

Then, my oldest is allergic to eggs and dairy so all things eggs and dairy are out, which essentially is every breakfast in the free world.

What’s left? A handful of things that we cycle through until the kids get tired of it.

I’ve been wracking my brain for new ideas but if you google “dairy & egg free breakfast ideas” things come up that are geared towards adults, like avocado pudding. I can tell you my kids wouldn’t touch green mush. Or, if you look up “healthy, kid-friendly breakfasts” you come up with things that are full of gluten & dairy, artfully constructed into a smiley face or happy scene. Also not what I’m in the market for.

Enter popsicles.

It’s hot. Kids love popsicles. They’re sweet. You can pack in as much nutritional punch as you like. There’s a million ideas for healthy popsicles. You could use the smoothie recipes in the P.S. of this post or any of the ideas I’ve pinned for you here.

Think pineapple, coconut milk, coconut flakes, vanilla protein powder, and lime. Or banana, coconut milk, cacao nibs and chocolate protein powder. What about frozen berries, purple carrots, beets, and coconut milk?

See what I’m doing here? Hiding healthy stuff in sweet stuff. Sneaky nutrition for kids.

Popsicles are the cool cousin of smoothies. And the cool cousin is coming to stay with us for the summer.

PS: I have a long history of buying terrible popsicle molds. You know, the ones that the popsicle doesn’t come out of. You end up either breaking the mold trying to get it off or ruining the popsicle because you have to run it under hot water until half of it melts. Not this time. I’m doing paper dixie cups & popsicle sticks. Inexpensive to buy, easy to use, and when they’re ready to eat, you just peel away the cup. Simple!