That ONE Product that Every Mom Needs Is Here

If I could only have ONE product to make me feel more put-together-power-house-supermom and less tired-worn down-my kids are winning today-marm, it would be mascara.  

I mean, seriously. It provides an instant wake-up to any face. Even if you have zero time for makeup, you can swipe your lashes a couple times.

But here’s the deal. I hate regular mascara. It smells weird. I know it’s chock full of funky chemicals. I don’t like how it clumps and flakes into my eyes. And it always bugs my contact lenses.

As for “natural” mascara, not a fan of that either. It never works as well.

And finally…after many years of suffering with sub-par, toxic mascara or naked lashes, I’ve found my solution!

Beautycounter Mascara has been three years in the making (Really, what company spends 3 years perfecting a safe and high-performing mascara? Only Beautycounter.)


My favorite things about this mascara are:

  1. It’s lengthening and defining. Hello, what else do we want from mascara?
  2. It’s buildable. Meaning, you can choose your own adventure with your eyelashes everyday. Want a sporty look? only apply a coat or two. Want a more dramatic, romantic look? Add coats until your heart is content.
  3. It’s good for your lashes! It conditions while you wear with coconut oil and shea butter.
  4. The precision-wand was made mindfully. They didn’t just create a big, bulky wand because everyone else is. They thought about it! And designed a wand that ensures clean application to even your smallest lashes without smudging, flaking, or clumping.
  5. Beautycounter proves their mascara awesomeness before you buy through their clinical trial results. Women aged 26-59 experienced the following:
  • 94% reported defined and lengthened lashes
  • 97% reported mascara was easily buildable
  • 94% reported mascara did not clump on lashes
  • 94% reported mascara gave lashes ultimate definition
  • 91% reported they would refer mascara to a friend

Today is THE FIRST day that Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara is available to the public. It will sell out because women are going craaa-zy about it. Don’t delay in picking yours up.

Order yours here and drop me a quick line that you ordered. As a THANK YOU during the month of May I will send you out a free sample of my favorite gentle face cleanser that works like a charm for removing your mascara (and the rest of your makeup), our best-selling, Routine Clean Cream Cleanser.