Hi, I'm Julie and I like being healthy.

I’ve been on a quest for health for a really long time – whether it was through fitness, nutrition, or Naturopathic medicine, I’ve always been looking for additional ways to look and feel my best and help others do the same.

Chemicals concern me and they should concern you too.

Most recently I’ve become interested in the warnings that have been coming out about the toxins and chemicals in the products that we use in our homes and on our bodies.  

When I heard that a major Federal Law hasn’t been passed to regulate the personal care industry since 1938 and since then thousands of chemicals have been introduced for use, I became really disturbed.

There is very little safety data on these chemicals. But, there is evidence supporting that these chemicals are detrimental to our health and contribute to things like cancer, autoimmune disease, fertility issues, obesity, and developmental problems.

When I started going chemical free, I started by thinking of my family’s health first. I did a full on attack to get rid of all the chemical cleaning products we were using in our house. After sorting through a lot of things, I finally found what actually worked (without me having to do a lot of extra work).

And of course, I revamped what I was using on my children. I was actually blown away when some of the “natural” baby products I was using turned out to be pretty toxic according to the Environmental Working Group.

But, guess what?  I never stopped to think about the products I was using, like my makeup or shampoo.

Here I was focusing on eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and getting rid of chemical cleaning products, meanwhile every time I put on makeup or did my hair, I was directly loading myself up with hundreds of disease-causing chemicals.  

I tried to go chemical-free so many times but wasn’t thrilled with the results.

When I started playing around with natural products I wasn’t thrilled. I really wanted to go chemical free but didn’t want to give up anything in the way of cleanliness or beauty. I tried many non-toxic makeup lines, sulfate free shampoos, and healthy skin care lines.

And to be honest, I didn’t like any of them because they never worked like my Sephora favorites.

So, I always went back to my chemical products.

It’s just easier to turn a blind eye to the chemicals in our makeup and skincare products in efforts to save a little time or money. But I needed to wake up and face the facts, and you do too. We can’t put a price on our health. If our health matters to us, even if it’s just for our family’s benefit, we’ve got to start looking at the products we're putting on our bodies every day.

Until I found a company I could trust with products that work.

As much as I love researching on the Environmental Working Group to learn about health, it gets exhausting to continually investigate products before I buy them.

I am thrilled to find that there is a company who was built because of my same chemical concerns. I know I can buy any of their products and they're safe, no extra research required on my part. They were one of the first companies to become EWG verified and easily have the strictest standards in the industry.

This company is Beauty Counter, a gorgeous skincare and cosmetics company that decided to take a stand and set a new standard for women’s health.


I couldn’t believe that the European Union has banned 1300 ingredients in personal care products and the United States has only banned 11. Beautycounter finds that as big of a problem as I do, and they’ve identified more than 1500 chemicals and counting that they promise to never use.

But beyond strict safety standards, they have performance standards. If Christy Coleman, their resident celebrity makeup artist finds a product doesn't perform in her line of work, they don’t become part of the Beauty Counter line.

The combination of safety and performance standards sets this company apart from anything that’s out there. But most importantly, they are spreading the message that women never have to sacrifice health for beauty again.

Who do you know that can benefit from Dumping disease-Causing Chemicals?

Women everywhere need to know that what they put on their skin matters. We need to tell our mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. I want to see a decline in the rates of cancer, autoimmune disease, and the other debilitating chronic conditions that are robbing our loved ones of health and happiness. The way I see it, how can we not tell people that what they're putting on their skin is negatively impacting their health

It's Easy to get Started

 Check out what Beautycounter has to offer here. Start small or do a full on overhaul, whatever works best for you. By the way, their 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee makes this risk free.


Learn more & get started here.

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