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After spending years researching diet and exercise programs I’ve finally learned what I need to eat and how I need to move to be healthy. No more diet books or internet searches for me – what a relief!
— JH, 40 y.o. female
You are amazing at what you do!! Not only do I feel better (more energy and vitality) but I actually look physically better – brighter, younger and glowing skin; even my hair feels better!!! People ask me what cosmetic line I use to make my skin so bright…I tell them I barely use cosmetics; it’s my nutrition plan that allows me to not only feel but look my healthy best!
— JM, 57 yo female
Physically, with the use of your cleansing detox program and supplements specifically identified to support my metabolism and problem areas, all of my sugar cravings have completely vanished and my weight is declining. I went from a size 12 snug back to a size 10 comfortable and now I am aiming for a size 8.
— JP, 47 y.o. female
By doing the elimination diet and following the supplement recommendations by Dr Walsh I was able to take walks and garden without pain for the first time in years. Thank you so much!
— NM, 62 y.o. female
I had been self-treating chronic yeast infections for years before seeing Dr Julie. She recommended I do basic blood testing and it turned out, I have diabetes. Dr Julie helped me to learn not only what was the underlying cause of my issues but also how to eat and exercise to keep my blood sugar where it needs to be. And of course, no more yeast infections.
— SJ, 31 y.o. female
Hi Doc! I took your advice (even though it made me a little nervous to “add fats” for weight loss)! But, I added healthy fats into my diet (even though they’re “fat”) including “real” eggs and coconut oil... and I cut out processed foods, carbs, refined sugars, etc and drank TONS of water....I also exercised about 30 minutes a day. Well, I lost 10 lbs in 9 days.... I didn’t believe the scale at first. After all, I had a burger the night before I weighted myself! Haha! It was bunless of course. I wasn’t hungry at all ...all week. I watched portion sizes but always felt full...and filled up on veggies, fruit or small portions of nuts when I needed a snack..! Thanks for all of your great advice!!! I can’t wait to see where I am in another month from now
— LF, 35 y.o. female
After 40 years of struggling with stubborn acne, my skin is completely clear! Julie helped me to restore my gut health and I am forever grateful for her wise counsel! Run, don’t walk, to work with her as soon as you can!
— A.R, female
The results I experienced were simply amazing and absolutely life changing! Not only did I feel an immediate sense of renewed energy and a higher sense of self appreciation, but my body and mind felt as those they were in balance and for the first time in some 10 years, so calm! My disposition changed too, I felt so happier, alive, free spirited and in charge of my decisions. The best, most joyous and most unexpected result was that I found out that I was pregnant just a few months into seeing Dr Walsh. Never in million years did my husband and I think we could get pregnant with the current state of my hormones and so quickly, after addressing my health concerns. I believe, the simple steps and changes Dr Walsh made in my life, enabled my husband and I to get pregnant AND we are forever grateful!
The yacht itself met our expectations and was very clean and comfortable. We are already thinking about next year.
— HR, 31 y.o. female
We got pregnant on the very first try…After a family history of trouble conceiving and a less than stellar health record I was concerned about my own fertility. After working with Dr Walsh to change my diet and support by body nutritionally, we got pregnant on the very first try and we’re expecting our little girl any day now! Thank you so much!
— EP, 31 y.o. female
Six weeks later I was pregnant! I met with Dr. Walsh after seeing numerous doctors for what I considered a ‘hormone imbalance’. The other doctors ran the gamut of tests, couldn’t provide any answers, and I often felt dismissed. Dr. Walsh was supportive from the start and was quickly able to identify the problems with my hormones. Finally some answers! She recommended a program that, after two months, normalized my body. My free testosterone level started out at 125 (normal is 10-36), two months later it was 31!
— MD, 29 y.o. female
My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 2 years when we came across Julie through a podcast. I was diagnosed with PCOS earlier and given little hope at conceiving on our own, without the help medication to force ovulation or control my blood sugar, etc. We had tried seemingly everything natural - acupuncture, dietary changes (cutting out gluten, dairy and sugars), thousands of dollars in supplements, we’d done all sorts of blood work, expensive online programs and were on the brink of turning to medication or procedures. What drew me to Julie was the fact that she had specialized in working with women with PCOS and has a very strong track record. I hadn’t had a period in 10 months but I became pregnant and I’m now 9 weeks along. Julie helped support me and change my mindset about getting pregnant. She offered medical, emotional and spiritual support when I needed it most. I am still mind-blown from the journey I’ve been on and how quickly I got pregnant after working with Julie. She is a miracle worker and I am so grateful I found her. No matter how far away you live from Julie, you will get the care and support you need to balance your hormones and get your body ready for a baby. When you’ve had enough of throwing money at supplements and shooting in the dark, call Julie and schedule an appointment. She will hone in on what is causing the imbalance and save time and money. I will be forever grateful to her for helping my husband and I conceive our first child.
— CM, 28 y.o. female
I have had such a good experience with your guidance that I wanted to write and tell you. Having a diagnosis of diabetes is bad but you have turned it into a healthy new way of life for me. The products you have me on and the diet suggestions that go with them have been instrumental in bringing and keeping my blood sugar levels down and consistant. I have even done the exercises you reccommended! The other inevitable result of all of this is weight loss. I have lost over 10 pounds in the last 2 1/2 months. I would tell anyone that if they have the desire to make changes in their life, for whatever reason, you could help them. Please keep doing this and being there for all of us.
— CS, 59 y.o. female
I’ve had PCOS for over 10 years. After seeing Dr Walsh for 3 months I, for the first time, understand exactly what PCOS is and exactly what I need to do to manage it. Bonus: I’ve lost 46 pounds and no longer need laser hair treatments!
— AM, 29 y.o. female
I have always struggled with food addictions and emotional eating. When I came to Dr Walsh, I had stopped exercising and was an overweight, underconditioned couch potato with high blood pressure, cholesterol and pre-diabetes. The detoxification program worked better than I ever expected. I have lost weight, feel amazing, and have made my family proud. Time and money well invested.
— GW, 49 y.o. female
I am a female in my mid twenties, and never did I think I would struggle with acne at this point in my life. I am getting married in 6 months and that has added the stress for me to get rid of this acne! I became so fed up with going to the dermatologist and trying tons of different topical creams, medications etc. I decided I wanted a more natural route. Not only did I learn about the wonderful world of essential oils, but I also had the opportunity to talk with Julie about the deeper possible causes to my acne. Again, when the topical creams stopped working, I figured there had to be more to problem. Through Julie’s elaborate intake process, she was able to narrow down a few of the possible causes to my acne (hormonal, digestion, and low sugar levels). Julie gave me the guidance I needed to make some changes in my lifestyle, and has been such a great guide and support through the process. I decided to try the elimination diet. Not only have I noticed a difference in the blemishes on my face, but I feel better physically as well. Never did I think that I would see changes so quickly, but I have! I am so hopeful now after talking with Julie. I feel like I’ve regained all the hope that I had lost by just going to the dermatologist every few months. Julie really takes the time to listen, empathize, as well as guide and empower you to make the best and most healthy decision for your life!
— -HB 25 y.o. female

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